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To increase competitiveness and foster innovation within Québec’s agrifood industry by means of R&D support, consumer research and the transfer of technical knowledge.
Cintech en bref

Cintech in a nutshell 

Since 1986, Cintech has been offering expertise and technological support to Québec’s agrifood businesses seeking to increase their performance.  

Located at the heart of an agrifood technopole, Cintech is recognized as a college centers for the transfer of technology, affiliated to the Cégep de Saint Hyacinthe. 
Throughout the years, Cintech has accompanied countless businesses of all sizes, including multinationals, in the achievement of hundreds of various  mandates, whether for innovating, developing new products, improving existing products, optimizing organoleptic properties, or evaluating a product’s appeal to consumers, among others. 
Cintech has developped lasting business relationships, in both the R&D and consumer research fields. A multidisciplinary team will assist you in 
maximizing  your potential for success  and performance. 
And all this, in keeping with the confidentiality and specificities of the 


Consumer research